Why donate to veterans, military, first responders, and our support?

Donating to THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT gives you the assurance of your dollars being spent to restore and rehabilitate our veterans and current members of the military, fire, police and emergency response providers.  This donation will help supply a sense of community and a network for struggling veterans and current service members. 

  • Suicide is taking away roughly 20 veterans per day and is claiming the lives of our first responders at an alarming rate.  
  • Our goal is to put an end to the struggle caused by PTSD and other socio-emotional issues related to service that haunts our heroes. Help THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT be a beacon of hope, safety and security to those who have given some or all.
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Examples of where your donations will go:

2022 “Lighten the Load” Mission Examples

$500 Donate to veterans

$1000 will allow THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT to provide a restorative family event in a program We call “Restorative Retreat”.

$4500 will Sponsor a veteran or first responder in one of the life-changing programs that we are affiliated with. These programs have been vetted by us and our sister programs. We do not hand our clients off, but we walk them through the stages and into the programs. 

WE will be doing this by providing support through fundraising for the purpose of building or buying facilities. This will accommodate training, education, rehabilitation, recreation and creating life experiences along with memories away from the everyday grind of life.

WE have partnered with other local (and national) veteran support groups such as Heroes Media Group, 23rd Veteran and others with missions that are similar as ours. Working alone we are able to save a few but by working together we will be able to help many more and stop the vicious cycle of depression that claims too many lives.

$100 per Month

6th of each Month- WE GOT YOUR 6

Community Events involving local businesses and creating a network of support. Goal is to have our active network to reach out to those they have served with and involve them with activities that are happening in their local area.  WE would like the majority of these costs to fall on the businesses involved.  THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT will take the proactive marketing and branding of the event.

$100 per Month

13th of each Month- PATRIOT DAY

This is a community and business give back day, where sponsoring businesses create a package program to involve PATRIOTS and create events to accommodate a social network experience and opportunity so that our patriots can make new connections while in a social and fun atmosphere.

$100 per Month

22nd of each Month- HEROES VIGIL

These dates are to be known as the days of memory and healing… but it is about remembering that WE are all still here  “WE HEAL TOGETHER”. The theme is “LIVE TO REMEMBER” Without the people who have been through

help a veteran in need

​[get_the_year] & Beyond Singular Events

$500 will buy new tires for a purple heart veteran’s new tires on his Segway


Help Us Help and honor our military, Veterans, first responders and all who support us