My name is Robert Ortega and I am a nature photographer

Robert Ortega is a nature photographer based in Santa Monica, California. Robert’s focus is single physical beings, such as an animal or a flower. Because each photo is of one single item, the visual focus is the item’s composition. His photographs of animals center around the materials colors, and textures that the animal is composed of. Photographs of flowers emphasize their physical structure, colors, and positioning. Robert travels around the world to specific countries whose ecosystems he wants to explore and photograph.

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WE want to create an infrastructure that supports our civil servants and their families, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Whether this means contributing financial resources to volunteer departments or providing fulfilling work for those who cannot formally serve anymore, our mission is overarching and far-reaching.

WE have a current three-year goal to open a restorative and rehabilitative facility, in the form of a vacation resort to accommodate the special needs for civil servants and their families.

WE need your help to realize this ongoing mission. Donate to our cause now to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes.

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