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When WE started this ride with THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT… WE had no idea where it would take us.
In 2020 WE launched WE GOT YOUR 6 @ 6:00- PATRIOT Playtime Livestream/Podcast.  Little did WE know WE would build relationships across the country with the musicians that were on our shows.  


Quickly it started to make sense… on the 4th of July 2021, THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT launched WeP3 RADIO.  A licensed and royalty paying radio station that exclusively plays “OUR HEROES HITS”… veteran and first responder musicians from across the country,  “American Legacy Music” with the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and the musicians of their lineage and “PATRIOT Players” those musicians that have personal anthems and songs that reflect the freedoms and liberties of the amazing country WE live in… THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.


There is not a style or genre our VETERANS and FIRST RESPONDERS do not touch.  Many of them are “NATIONAL RECORDING ARTISTS” and WE here at THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT, WE GOT YOUR 6 @ 6:00 and WeP3 will stack these musicians up against any and all mainstream musicians.

WeP3 RADIO rounds off an opportunity for us to continue to reach those in need and for us to celebrate our freedoms and liberties with the craft of these amazing musicians.

Come join us for the MISSION and be a part of the SHOCK & AWE



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