How to support The People's Patriot Project? 

Donating to THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT gives you the assurance of your dollars being spent to restore and rehabilitate our veterans and current members of the military, fire, police and emergency response providers.  This donation will help supply a sense of community and a network for struggling veterans and current service members. 

Suicide is taking away roughly 20 veterans per day and is claiming the lives of our first responders at an alarming rate.  

Our goal is to put an end to the struggle caused by PTSD and other socio-emotional issues related to service that haunts our heroes. Help THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT be a beacon of hope, safety and security to those who have given some or all.

Where will your donations go? 

“Lighten the Load” Mission Examples 

$500 will buy groceries and supplies for a family; it could supply gas to keep our hero working; can help catch up on utility bills or rent in arrears; replacing appliances is an option 

$1000 will allow THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT to provide a restorative family event in a program We call “Restorative Retreat”. 

$1500 will Sponsor a veteran or first responder in one of the life-changing programs that we are affiliated with. These programs have been vetted by us and our sister programs. We do not hand our clients off, but we walk them through the stages and into the programs.

Offer Your Support

The People's Patriot Project is on the mission to make the lives of our service members better.  These service members have already committed to serving their communities and country. We need You.

If you have a gift of time, talent, or treasure, come be a part of the support system and make a difference.

Contact us at or click the “DONATE” Button today to make a difference.